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Organic artisans

Marketing and Operational Strategy Valérie Guyard
Art direction: L.
aetitia beauvois

How to create proximity with their consumers ?

And if we spoke to them directly, on the packs, a daily meal but with a touch of humor and self-mockery?

Being Organic Artisans for a better world is a great vocation. Wanting to offer healthy, gourmet products, made in France and organic, at the best price and without taking themselves seriously. It is in this state of mind that we thought about the marketing and creative strategy of the new identity of Les Artisans du Bio.
We had to reviewpackagingranges of the brand but also thewebsite, therebusiness presentation, THEin-store sales support tools 


flèche 3.png

Creation of the range of fresh pasta and stuffed pasta

Variation of the visual identity on the Galettes, Tofus and Panisse range, aperitif

Montage Tom séchées.png
Montage TAP OLI Noires.png
Montage Olives vertes.png


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