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Fadas of dried fruits

Mister Noix.png

How to create a visual strategy based on values, origin and a side badas?

A brand name completely created by its employees during a brainstorming. A daily work for this team to offer their customers local, organic products with gourmet, healthy mixtures and all made in France by this beautiful SME from Marseille.


A crazy story!

Communication strategy Xavier / Design design and production Laetitia

Noisettes francaises 140g LFFS.png
Cerneaux de noix francais 100g LFFS.png
Amandes francaises 125g LFFS.png


Kit FADA 3D ouvert rempli V1.jpg
Mise en situation PLV les Fadas.jpg
Mister Amandes.png

Booth & lounge

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